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Apps & Workflows on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform
Join us for two sessions to learn how to run and build Apps & Workflows on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform.

How to Run Tools Already Available on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform
December 2nd, 4pm GMT/8am PST

Apps and workflows allow you to leverage the computing power of RAP to execute many bioinformatics tasks. In this session, you will learn how to run apps, applets, and workflows on the Research Analysis Platform. Note that this is an introductory course meant for users unfamiliar with apps and workflows.

Topics include:
-Working with Apps and Workflows in the Platform UI vs the Command Line Interface (CLI)
-Using popular apps like Table Exporter & Swiss Army Knife
-Running and monitoring batch jobs with large numbers of files

How to Create an App/Workflow & Bring your Own Tools to the UK Biobank Data on the Research Analysis Platform
December 9th, 4pm GMT/8am PST

DNAnexus experts give you an introduction to the applet and workflow development process by building a simple project that will work on Bulk files on RAP.

This includes:
-Introduction to the Applet and Workflow Development Process
-How to build & run your own Applet using CLI
-How to build & run using Command Line Interface and Platform UI
-Customizing the software environment of your applet
-Building applets and deploy them in a RAP project
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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Anastazie Sedlakova
Sr. Community Engagement Scientist @DNAnexus, Inc.
Ted Laderas
Principal Bioinformatician @DNAnexus, Inc.