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WDL for the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform
Join us for two sessions to learn how to use Workflow Description Language (WDL) to perform bioinformatics analysis on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform.

January 27: Introduction to WDL on the Research Analysis Platform
We will create a starter WDL script and explain the basics of WDL syntax and how to use it on UKB RAP. We will compare it with native DNAnexus workflows and provide you tips on how to decide when to use WDL.

February 10: Advanced WDL concepts and Docker on RAP
We will elaborate on our starter example and add more complexity to our WDL script. We will introduce more syntax (e.g. WDL expressions, dynamic resources, etc.). At the end, we will discuss how to use WDL with the Docker environment.

Note: please review content of UKB Research Analysis Platform Overview and Apps & Workflows on the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform webinars:

-Platform Overview: https://community.dnanexus.com/s/question/0D5t000003PKr19CAD/webinar-oct-12-uk-biobank-research-analysis-platform-overview
-Running Apps & Workflows: https://community.dnanexus.com/s/question/0D5t000003VQu0cCAD/webinar-dec-2-how-to-run-tools-already-available-on-the-uk-biobank-research-analysis-platform
-Creating Apps & Workflows: https://community.dnanexus.com/s/question/0D5t000003VQuK8CAL/webinar-dec-9-how-to-create-an-appworkflow-bring-your-own-tools-to-the-uk-biobank-data-on-the-research-analysis-platform

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Anastazie Sedlakova
Sr. Community Engagement Scientist @DNAnexus Inc
Ted Laderas
Principal Bioinformatician @DNAnexus Inc