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Analyzing the UK Biobank Dataset with RStudio Workbench
The UK Biobank dataset is a uniquely rich resource containing over 10 petabytes of genetic and health data from over 500,000 volunteer participants. With the launch of RStudio Workbench Trial Version on the Research Analysis Platform, approved UK Biobank researchers can now analyze this extensive dataset using their programming language of choice.

Experts from RStudio, UK Biobank and DNAnexus will walk attendees through using RStudio Workbench to analyze the extensive UK Biobank dataset, available to all UK Biobank researchers free of charge until August 31. This webinar will provide an overview on how to create notebooks, dashboards and incorporate Shiny apps all in the cloud on the Research Analysis Platform.

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Jul 14, 2022 08:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Aleks Stempor, PhD
Bioinformatician @UK Biobank
Aleks is a computational biologist working as a bioinformatician at UK Biobank. Currently his work is focused on Research Analyses Platform (RAP), a service that enables researchers to access vast UKB datasets in a secure, cloud-based environment. Aleks is experienced in genetics, genomics, statistics, machine learning and data visualization. In their academic career, Aleks investigated how histone modification and transcription factors influence expression - both in the regulation of coding genes (promoter and enhancer regions) and repression of repetitive elements (transposons) in heterochromatin. Aleks also developed a Bayesian machine learning method to infer regulatory networks for drag targets in cancer immunotherapy using gene expression profiles as biomarkers and lead a DNA phenotyping project for forensic research using deep learning.
Phil Bowsher
Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences @RStudio
Phil is the Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at RStudio and founder of the R in Pharma gathering at Harvard University. Phil is a published author and award-winning speaker, having given over 100 R talks and workshops in 4 countries to an estimated 20,000 people. His work focuses on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, with an emphasis on interactive web applications, reproducible research and open-source education. He is interested in the use of R with applications in drug development and is a contributor to conferences promoting science through open data and software. Phil (RStudio Shiny Train-the-Trainer certified) has been one of the foremost promoters of Shiny, R Markdown, and the Tidyverse in the drug development process, documenting and explaining each in detail. He has experience at a number of technology and consulting corporations working in data science teams and delivering innovative data products.
Anastazie Sedlakova, PhD
Sr. Community Engagement Scientist @DNAnexus Inc
Anastazie has a background in human population genetics. She’s an experienced bioinformatician who also has considerable experience in data science work for academia, pharma companies, as well as financial companies. For the last 10 years, Anastazie has been teaching adults statistics, programming and HPC/Cloud technologies. Currently she works as a Senior Community Engagement Scientist at DNAnexus, focused on the UK Biobank Research Analysis platform.